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The SelfCheck Kiosk

Let’s break the chain.

Current catastrophic situation made us realize the importance of hygiene for safe environment. To rejuvenate the idea of hygiene AKCMed presents a smart detoxifying unit “DOTBOX” for fighting the global pandemic.

Touchless “SELFCHECK” automatically measures body temperature in seconds. “SELFCHECK” is invaluable solution for quick detection of illnesses and reduce the spread of bacteria & viruses, it vets staff members and the public before entry to premises such as Schools, Malls, Restaurants, factories, Railway stations, Airports and Corporate offices.

Kiosk features a touch-less UV-C Box to disinfect bag, cell phone and keys in less than 10 Seconds. UV-C Box kills 99% Viruses and Bacteria within 10 seconds on exposed surface


Early recognition and management of COVID-19

4 Quick Precautions


Detects Fever – High Fever indicates syndromes associated with COVID-19


Checks Oxygen levels (SpO2) – Oxygen level below 90% indicates syndromes associated with COVID-19


Touch-less Hand Sanitizer – Decreases the risk of getting sick and spread of Virus


Disinfection Chamber for Bag, Mobile, Keys etc. by UV-C – UC-C kills 99% Virus in 10 seconds thus reducing the spread.

The Solution displays and records all data at a single location

Introducing to Alpha Digital: Self-check Kiosk

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Use Areas

SelfCheck Kiosk solution is need of the hour, it can be installed at various public places such as






Railway Station

Corporate Office

Police Station

Government Office

Features and more

•  Touch-less fully automated kiosk

  Detects body temperature of user standing in front of device

•  Temperature detection in 1 second

•  Blood Oxygen & Heartbeat measurement

•  Set your own acceptable temperature thresholds

•  Verbal Warning / Success message plus LED traffic light system

•  User-friendly Verbal Instructions

  Store temperature readings and Blood Saturation levels of the user

•  Compact design Ultra-slim footprint

•  Built-in PC to support the application needs

Display: 18.5 inch

Temperature Sensor:

High Accuracy ( +- 0.3 Degree Celsius ) Detection duration: 1 second

Body Sensing Method: Infrared based Photoelectric detection

Detection Distance: 300mm – 500mm Detection Position:

Forehead (no contact)

Detection Result: Screen Display and Buzzer (above set threshold temperatures)

Sanitizer Dispenser:

Non-contact hand sensing auto liquid discharge

PC System:

Dual core Processor 4GB Ram

60GB Storage


Audio-visual Instructions

Alarms for abnormal body parameters



Optional face recognition & attendance system


Pulse Oximeter Blood O2 Level Meter

Heartbeat Measurement


Application Software (optional remote monitoring) Integration with existing ERP / Attendance system available at additional price.

UV Disinfecting Chamber:

UV-C light disinfection

Product Dimensions in mm - 1150(W) X 775(D) X 1700(H)

Product Weight - approx. 50 Kgs.

Low Power Consumption - 150 Watts

Operating Voltage - Standard 220V, 110V available on request

Temperature Display - Digital

Size - Typical use for Laptop bags, Mobile, Lunch Box etc.

Warranty against manufacturing defects : 1 year standard warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does it measure temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?


Q2. Can we use this equipment in Indoor and Outdoor both sides?

Indoors only.

Q3. How much time does it take to complete the procedure?

Ideally 30 seconds are required for one person to complete the entire procedure and additional 10 seconds to disinfect luggage in UV-C Box

Q4. Is it electrically operated?

Electrically operated, UPS power supply is preferred to operate the same.

Q5. How accurate is the data displayed? Can this data be used for critical medical assessment?

Temperature accuracy is +- 0.3 Celsius. The data cannot be used for medico-legal purpose.

Q6. Is this unit self-supported or does it require grouting?

It is self-standing unit; grouting holes are provided for additional stability.

Q7. Is this unit maintenance free?

Low on maintenance; periodic maintenance manual is provided along with the product.

Q8. Can the height be adjusted as per anthropometric data of the region?

Designed for normal Indian adult population. Standard height variants are available for foreign countries.

Q9. Is it available in different finishes?

No, Standard catalogue finishes.

Q10. Is it touch free?

Temperature Detection: Yes | Pulse-Oximeter: No. Auto disinfection before the finger is inserted. | Luggage UV-C Cleaner: Yes

Q11. Who will do the assembly & commissioning of this product?

Pre-assembled & pre-calibrated product.